The variety of characters in Jeanne D'Arc, and their own separate personalites make each and everyone of them very different from each other.


  • Jeanne D'Arc: The main heroine.
  • Liane: Jeanne's best friend.
  • Roger: A mysterious swordsman.
  • Jean: A flirtatious spear-man.
  • Bertrand: Jean's noble buddy.
  • Gilles: Another amulet wielder.
  • Colet, A talented knife-wielder.
  • Marcel, A bowkid.
  • Talbot, One of Jeanne's enemies.
  • Charles, The French Dauphin.
  • Georges, Charles' suspicious assisstant.
  • Richemont, Charles' commanding officer.
  • La Hire, A therion mercenary.
  • Rufus, Another mercenary fighting with Jeanne.
  • Beatrix, A female elf.
  • Bartolomeo, Beatrix's bethrothed.
  • Blaze, A therion with a mysterious past with La Hire.
  • Mawra, Blaze's companion.
  • Slinker, Works with Blaze, and Mawra.
  • Richard, An elderly man that knows about the past.
  • Henry VI, The current Boy King of England.
  • Bedford: Henry's uncle, and strategist, and the main villain.
  • Gilvaroth, the Reapers' leader.
  • Reapers, Ancient powerful demons.
  • Demons, Summoned by the reapers.
  • Rose, A whip user theif.
  • Claire, An overconfident magic user.
  • Cuisses, A strange frog.

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